• Angélica


This poem was written during my residency at The Columbia in partnership with Roman Road and was inspired by conversations with resident artist Tia O'Donnell.

Tia O'Donnell, Ted , 2020

Seven times two

How much is it, Moe?

Seven times two

Seventwo, left-eyed Moe sings


No, seventwo

My head shakes too

Moe smiles

He doesn’t speak

not my language

I wonder what it’s like

to see like Moe

with one eye

a left eye

I ask

Moe doesn’t answer

he just smiles

a seven-times-two smile


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During my residency at The Columbia I wrote poems inspired by conversations with each artist in residence. This poem came to me while I was playing hide and seek with my son in the garden. He was hidi