• Angélica


This poem was written during my residency at The Columbia in partnership with Roman Road and was inspired by conversations with resident artist Tommy Camerno.

Where did he come from

This man who wears blue

From the office

or from the zoo

Who wears the sky

Tommy Camerno, Angel Investor, 2020

A stupid or

wise guy

What does he know

that his phone can’t tell

Is he conscious

or under a spell

Look up

lift your head

Would that be bad

Let me zhuzh up your shirt

crumple it

throw in some dirt

Take off your glasses

let me see your eyes

What would you advise

Someone like me

who wants to process

and digest

you and your sky


into creation


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During my residency at The Columbia I wrote poems inspired by conversations with each artist in residence. This poem came to me while I was playing hide and seek with my son in the garden. He was hidi